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The Ministry of Mass, founded in 2012, wants to provide comments, criticism and reflection on our current practices as a producing and consuming culture.


We, as a culture, have been captivated by the problems presented by our limited resources. We collectively harness a desire to change our habits and devise methods to overcome this inconceivable problem. However convenient it may be, there is no one solution to this problem. The solution lies in transformation.


It is vital for Man to realize that the efficient use of limited resources is a prerequisite to guarantee social stability in the near future. The modern living environment needs to constantly transform to optimally utilize the limited quantities of space, light and work that are available to it. This constant movement requires a new typology of design.


Our goal is to create a series of objects that will aid Man in this transformation. Objects that will fulfill the ever changing needs of the modern house for a prolonged period of time. We wish to create a series of modern utilities worthy of their material.