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Rebooth aims to make your company stand out at the exhibition that matters to you. We will translate your corporate identity, aims and goals into a design fitting all your needs. Rebooth does more than just building exhibition stands. We handle anything from displays to showrooms to custom-built furniture and more. All our projects are taken care and produced in-house and benefit from years of experience in design and production.


Rebooth saw its conception when designer Stijn Van de Voorde (Moodunit Lab) and carpenter/stand builder Wesley De Ridder decided to join forces and merge their respective abilities and qualities into one project.


Passionate and daring, the dynamic duo exhibit a synergy that is nothing less than extraordinary. In order to achieve a high level of professionalism and excellence, Stijn and Wesley work together with a select team of talented professionals whose common objective is not just to reach, but to exceed all expectations. Thanks to their complimentary skill sets and personalities, a recognized dedication to transparent business practices, collaborative client relationships and an incredibly proactive approach they manage to combine a modern vision with creative work methods that ultimately lead to highly gratifying results.





Nederzwijnaarde, 2

9052 Zwijnaarde