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Tersago Dedecker, a Belgian based design studio for architecture, interior and product design.Two creative people who like to design together and find added value by combining each individual’s skills with common bases.The result is a symbiosis of two personalities that normally appear to be opposites.As designers we strive for craftsmanship , timeless design and personality .


MAUD is a timeless, pure, elegant and expressive design in which details and luxurious materials set the tone. Due to its unique construction, the structure is completely demountable.The table is available in 4 basic dimensions. On request other dimensions are possible. Different wood and marble finishes are available and can also be made to measure on request.The table can be set in height +2 and -1 cm. The steel structure is powdercoated, mat and available in different colours or on demand in any colour.


Maud is designed from an architectural vision from which the table is a complement to the space and ambience trough detailing and materials.The table is a piece, that in a subtle way adds value through atmosphere , texture and function. Maud is simplicity and elegance , architecture in a refined form.



Kardinaal Mercierlei 26

2600 Berchem