Belgium Art & Design is the platform for Belgian art and design.Our event brings Belgian works of art and design objects together in a very real way, at a single location: through their various points of intersection both objects and works reinforce one another, turning BAD into true common ground.  In contrast with other channels, sensory perception plays a major role in this event.


Highlighting the importance of art and design

Our goal is to bring communities together through crossovers and collaborative efforts, so that as many people as possible reflect on the importance of art and design. By taking this approach we hope to draw attention to the idea and the object itself, in addition to the ultimate added value of art and design.

We focus on art and design objects that resonate, that stir our emotions and make us look differently at reality, at the changes in our subjective awareness.

Creating greater appreciation

Our objective is to engender greater appreciation of and commitment to artists and designers. To make this happen, our efforts are geared towards convincing people of the profound professionalism with which artists and designers develop their ideas.

Achieving tangible results

Drawing an incredibly diverse audience through our passion and well-thought-out strategies isn’t our sole priority. The significant impact that art and design object sales have on the participants, in particular, remains at the forefront of our efforts. In fact, just three years after its founding, BAD has already more than proven its worth when it comes to inspiring, networking and selling quality objects.

Creating a lasting connection

Finally, BAD seeks to present a narrative that will stand the test of time, which is precisely why appreciating our partners and participants is so essential. This appreciation strengthens the ties that bind the community together and enhances the solidarity between all of its members. It makes writing a success story, one in which every participant and partner achieves a positive result, possible.


BAD is responsible for a range of obligations, from the selection of participants to coordinating communications, to making sure the scenography is on point and the various interactive events go smoothly. The event is professionally curated, which makes it possible for BAD to offer the most authentic and the highest quality Belgian art and design objects.

Young and underrated or unknown talents, as well as famous names all have a place in BAD. Not only do we look for Belgian creations in Belgium, but we also extend that search abroad.

The way we walk is the way of sustainability