What is BAD?

BELGIUM ART DESIGN is an art and design event that will take place from October 10th to 13th, 2019 at the Floraliënhal in Ghent.

BAD is committed to bringing art and design together under one roof. We believe that the boundaries between the two are becoming less and less relevant. Both art and design have the power to stir our emotions and make us see reality in a new way. That is their power and their added value.

BAD works with a team of curators who select the participants. This year, they are Daan Rau for art and Johan Valcke for design. Tatjana Pieters will also offer a platform for young or unknown artists.

In 2019, BAD will also have a theme: START TO COLLECT The aim is to encourage people to take the first step towards collecting art and design.

BAD is committed to bringing art and design together under one roof

A range of commitments

BAD fulfils a range of commitments, from selecting the participants to organising the communication and devoting attention to the staging and the different opportunities to experience the exhibition. The event is professionally curated, which enables us to present Belgian art and design objects of the highest quality and authenticity.

From young and lesser-known or unknown talents to established names, they all have place at BAD. We source Belgian creations locally as well as beyond the national borders.

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