What is BAD?

BELGIUM ART DESIGN is an art and design event that will take place from October 10th to 13th, 2019 at the Floraliënhal in Ghent.

BAD is committed to bringing art and design together under one roof. We believe that the boundaries between the two are becoming less and less relevant. Both art and design have the power to stir our emotions and make us see reality in a new way. That is their power and their added value.

BAD works with a team of curators who select the participants. This year, they are Daan Rau for art and Johan Valcke for design. Tatjana Pieters will also offer a platform for young or unknown artists.

In 2019, BAD will also have a theme: START TO COLLECT The aim is to encourage people to take the first step towards collecting art and design.

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our mission

Bringing people together
We bring together diverse groups in the art and design sector: artists, designers, cultural organisations, gallerists, curators, artisans and manufacturers. We aim to boost the art and design sector in Belgium by stimulating collaboration and cross-pollination.

Putting the added value of art and design in the spotlight
Through our initiatives, we want to convince people of the importance of art and design. Art and design can amaze us, stir our emotions and make us look at reality with new eyes. It enriches our lives.

Achieving concrete results
The results achieved by our participants are also our own results. Through well thought-out strategies, we want to reach a wide audience and facilitate commerce in art and design however possible.

Focus on the long-term and sustainability
With BAD we want to tell a sustainable story. That is why, in our collaboration with partners and participants, we focus on the long term. We also want to make our event itself as sustainable as possible. To do so, we are working together this year with Greentrack.

Offering a high-quality platform for talent
BAD is engaged in a range of ways, from the selection of participants to organising the communication and planning the presentation. The event is professionally overseen by a team of curators (Daan Rau, Johan Valcke and Tatjana Pieters) who will guarantee the quality of the work on display. Not only well-established names will be given a place. Young and unknown talents will also have a platform at BAD.

BAD presents:

  • Modern Art
  • Modernism
  • Conceptual art
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Editions
  • Video
  • Performances
  • Collectable design
  • Craftwork
  • Fooddesign
  • Publisher – books
  • Functional design
  • Fashion design
  • Jewel design
  • Floreal design
  • Virtual reality


BAD fulfils a range of commitments, from selecting the participants to organising the communication and devoting attention to the staging and the different opportunities to experience the exhibition. The event is professionally curated, which enables us to present Belgian art and design objects of the highest quality and authenticity. From young and lesser-known or unknown talents to established names, they all have place at BAD. We source Belgian creations locally as well as beyond the national borders.

BAD is committed to bringing art and design together under one roof

Johan Gelper

BAD invites

preview thursday 1:30 pm — 11 pm

  • Collectors
  • Museum Directors
  • Curators
  • Design Manufacturers
  • Architects & Interior Architects
  • Organsation Art & Design
  • Relationships of our partners
  • Relationships of our participants (invitations PREVIEW)

vernissage thursday 6 pm — 11 pm

  • BAD sends 35.000 invitations
  • Relationships of our participants (invitations VIP)


Number of visitors

  • 2018: 13.043
  • 2017: 11.721
  • 2016: 10.207
  • East-Flanders 47%
  • West-Flanders 25%
  • Antwerp 15%
  • Brussels 12%

Social Data

  • 1 klasse 49,5%
  • 2 klasse 35%


  • 24-40 18%
  • 41-50 24%
  • 51-60 31%
  • 61-70 17%

Stay informed

Media plan


  • Knack Weekend: 1 ad
  • De Morgen magazine: 1 ad
  • Sabato: 2 ads during weekend
  • De Tijd: 2 ads during the week
  • De Standaard magazine: 1 ad
  • De Standaard: 1 ad
  • l’Echo: 1 ad
  • Le Vif/L’Express: 1 ad
  • Collect Art magazine: 2 ads
  • h.Art: 1 ad + banner
  • Feeling Wonen: 2 ads
  • The Art Couch: 2 ad
  • OKV digital: banner

Media partners

  • The BAD Times added by Knack (100.000 ex.)
  • De Morgen magazine
  • Paper by h.Art (8.000 ex.)


  • Posters with our participants
  • Flyers woth organisations design & art
  • Posters ring gent
  • Posters transports en commun
  • Social media: Instagram & Facebook

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long-term vision sustainability

Floor Plan

On the left you see the conceptual plan of the exhibition. We choose to work as much as possible with open spaces to establish direct contact with visitors.

There are spaces where lectures, video projections and workshops will take place.

BAD also offers two trendy bars and a trendy restaurant.

New in 2019: Start To Collect

With START TO COLLECT, we want to appeal to the large group of people who are interested in art and design, but have never bought a piece of their own. Many people wish they could collect, but have no idea how to get started. Research by Kunst in Huis has also shown that there are many reasons why people hesitate to simply walk into a gallery.

Our goal with START TO COLLECT is to lower the threshold and give people a little stepping stone towards buying their first piece of art or design and ultimately building a collection. We want to do this by guiding aspiring collectors through the process of buying art and design via blogposts, content on social media, tips & tricks. We want to offer a light-hearted introduction to collecting.

Do you have any interesting stories about young collectors? Do you sometimes sell pieces to first-time buyers of art or design? Feel free to send us a mail, we’d love to write a piece about it. ( bad@belgiumartdesign.be )

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