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The 2019 theme for BAD: start tot collect

6 June 2019

START TO COLLECT is intended to appeal to a broad audience interested in art and design, but who, to date, haven’t ever made an art or design purchase. Several are anxious to get started but have no idea how.

Many people have questions like: how do you start a collection? Is an impulsive purchase a no-go? How do you get over gallery-phobia? The price list isn’t always visible? Why? Are prices negotiable? We’ll be answering all these questions and much more in the run-up to BAD 2019.

During BAD we’ll be holding workshops and information sessions and bring in the expertise of professional dealers. In the meantime, all kinds of tips and tricks will be available on this blog, Instagram, Facebook and in our newsletter, where we’ll also be shattering the seemingly impermeable aloofness of the art and design world. And naturally we’ll give the floor to collectors from every walk of life.

The motto throughout: start to collect!
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