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North and South
Linen and wool
Ecological and sustainable
Tradition and innovation
Natural and urban
A new experience with old knowledge
Silent exclusivity and pure distinction
Clean cut aesthetics and functionality in travel bags and outerwear
For women and men
A custom-made range of fabric qualities, sizes and colours

Sennes combines Portuguese and Belgian tradition, high quality Portuguese wool with high quality Belgian linen, two noble, ecological fibres with opposite natural characteristics.
An ever-growing collection inspired by the simple beauty of the Portuguese landscape and based around the values I hold in everyday life — the idea that less is more, and that investing in quality and authentic design will enrich enrich the daily life of an individual.
Living and working in Portugal with my family as a textile designer, I choose to work with materials that recall home, enabling me to maintain a close connection to the rich heritage of linen in Belgium in contrast with Portuguese craftsmanship and its sustainable hard-wearing tradition, each individual garment is carefully manufactured by hand.

The shapes are simple, classic, modern and relaxed — seasonless pieces that reflect the plain beauty of well made things, to be worn and loved for decades to come.